utorok 27. januára 2009

Reconstructed evolution of Lower Smrečianka River in its Response Zone according to Historical Maps.

Pišút, P., Tomčíková, I., 2008: Rekonštrukcia vývoja Smrečianky v jej odozvovej zóne podľa historických máp. Geographia Cassoviensis, 2 (2): 122-127. In Slovak, with English abstract and summary, 1 Tab., 3 Figs.

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Analysis of historical maps from 1770s-1860s within the ArcView GIS environment indicates, that past course of lower Smrečianka river (= right-side tributary of the Váh river in Liptovská kotlina Basin, N Slovakia) in its response zone significantly differed from the present one. The river was not only flowing parallel to the Váh towards west, but also exhibited a meandering planform then with sinuosity index of 1.56. The current low-sinuosity lower reach of Smrečianka (river km 0-1.9) resulted from an avulsion some time in 1820s.