piatok 30. marca 2012

Geomorphic response to the Little Ice Age in Slovakia.

Stankoviansky, M., Pišút, P. 2011. Geomorphic response to the Little Ice Age in Slovakia. Geographia Polonica, 84, Special Issue Part 1, 127 - 146.

Geomorphic response to the Little Ice Age (LIA; ca 1250-1890 AD) in Slovakia was marked by the increased occurence and effectiveness of fluvial, runoff, and some gravitational processes. We identified four periods of increased frequency of big floods, namely: (1250) 1378-1526 AD, the 1560s-1570s, the 1590s-1620s, and the 1660s-1850s, while the last period shows two stages (the 1660s-1720s and the 1760s-1850s). Three identified periods of disastrous gullying accompanied by muddy floods (the 14th century, the mid-16th century - the 1730s, the 1780s - the mid-19th century) refer to temporal conformity of both fluvial and runoff processes. High frequency of debris flows in the Slovak part of the Tatra Mts. occured in the period of 1400-1860 AD. Sparse mentions on precipitation -induced particular events of debris flows, landslides or rockfalls are mostly linked with simultanoues occurrence of floods.

Breaches to the side-channel closure (and dike) at the village of Rusovce (Carlburg), illustrating the destructive force of the 1780 and 1784 ice floods.

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